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Android OS has become the most popular operating system for a wide range of smartphones and tablets. iWASEL VPN application for Android was released to give our clients the chance to enjoy the amazing features of iWASEL VPN on their Android devices. These features include the following:

Protecting your data from hackers 

Protecting your Wi-Fi connection 

Bypassing geo-restrictions

Masking your IP address

Most of Android VPN services use PPTP VPN protocol because OpenVPN protocol is not supported on older versions of Android (before Ice Cream Sandwich). But L2TP VPN protocol would be the more suitable alternative for PPTP in case OpenVPN was not available for your device. Both L2TP and OpenVPN feature 256-bit encryption while PPTP features 128-bit. Obviously, higher encryption means better security and privacy. OpenVPN and L2TP are the most secure types of VPN protocols. 

At first using iWASEL VPN on Android was available by manually setting up L2TP VPN connection on Android. But later, iWASEL Android VPN application was launched to make it easier for users. iWASEL Android VPN client is based on OpenVPN. 

Unlike, most of cheap Android VPN apps, iWASEL VPN for Android doesn't require rooting your tablet or phone so you won't lose system updates or the gurantee on your device. 

Why is iWASEL the best cheap Android VPN?


iWASEL service is provided by bVPN (supports all Android devices that run Android 4.0.3+) and offers the best cheap VPN service for Android using a developed OpenVPN application which you can download from Google Play store here.


iWASEL VPN app doesn't require rooting your device or extra steps to be applied, just download the application and install it. If you're running an older version of Android that doesn't support OpenVPN app, you still can use iwasel VPN on Android by manually configuring L2TP VPN connection. Click here to know how to. 

You will get two simulatneous VPN connections with the same VPN account anyway one using the applicatiuon and the other using manual setup. 

iWASEL VPN for Android costs $7/month billed annually compared to other VPN services that cost $13 at average.  

Register now and get a VPN account from iWASEL. 

iWASEL is the most reliable, only working VPN service on Android in all Gulf Countries including UAE, KSA and Oman. 

Other VPN services might cause slower Internet connection which may lead to some troubles while using Viber, Skype, Tango or other VoIP services. With iWASEL VPN for Android, you don't won't worry about your speed because iWASEL actually boosts your speed thanks to express speed VPN servers in USA, UK, Ukraine, Italy, France amd Netherlands.

Once you're connected to iWASEL VPN servers, you'll be able to access any blocked website or service even if you live outside USA such as Netflix, Hulu, Torrent, Magicjack, Paltalk and more

Privacy and anonymity guaranteed thanks to the highly encrypted connection between your Android phone or tablet and iWASEL VPN servers.

Cheap Android VPN services give the user limited access to certain servers at certain times but iWASEL is an unlimited VPN service that puts no restrictions over use, speed or bandwidth. 

Our support team will help you with any possible issues using the service 24/7 via live chat widget. Our team speaks both Arabic and English fluently.